Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rihanna Debuts into clothings at the London Fashion Week

Rihanna on saturday(16/02/2013)launched her first collection of clothes with River Island.Rihanna's fashion sense is in no doubt unique in its own way.Some people describe Rihanna's fashion sense as "classy and edgy".Nigeria born model Tolula Adeyemi who was part of the crowd said she loved the clothings and "it's so Rihanna"According to,Rihanna's Denim tank tops were teamed with slouchy jeans.Clothings such as Striped cropped bra,hot pants,sporty jumpsuits,maxi dress were all part of Rihanna's efforts.I wish her Rihanna the best of luck in her pursuits.Below are some of the pics from Rihanna's collection.

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